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This site is all about my passion for collecting. Here you'll find information about my collectibles, the reasons I became a collector, and photos of items I've acquired. Some of the items may be available for you to buy or trade for your own collection.

If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to ask. Also, let me know if you have items to sell or trade.

I'll be updating this site frequently as I add to my collection, so check back often!

Yooper John's page from the central U.P. of Michigan

I am in the process of downsizing my gun collection and will be selling some of my collector guns.   All guns require a signed copy of a current ffl to be sent with payment.  Most items will ship to an 03 ffl but some require an 01.  You should have any firearm purchased checked over by a qualified gunsmith before shooting it.  I can give no warranty on these items as I am only a collector.  All function properly to the best of my knowledge unless otherwise stated.
Payment will be in the form of  a Postal Money Order or a personal check (requires extra clearing time).   Shipping and insurance is extra on all items and will be $25 per gun shipped to lower 48 sates unless otherwise stated in description.  No export out of USA.  I will supply references upon request and I also have a valid 03 ffl.  

I will try to describe all guns to the best of my ability and will be honest in all descriptions. If you have ANY questions regarding any specific item email me and I will respond as quickly as possible. 
In the frames box to the left, click on GUN PAGES for a listing of the guns.  I will have more guns listed as time goes on because I am going to drastically reduce my collection, so check back often. Most all these items are ONE of a KIND so when they are sold that's it.

All laws, both federal and state MUST be followed.  Some items can ship to 03 ffl, some to 01 ffl.  Make sure your state laws allow you to purchase a specific type.  Thanks  :-)
NOTEIf an item has a sold or hold sign on it, it may not be sold yet as some people say I want it and never send any payment, SO inquire about the gun and I will let you know for sure if it is sold or not.  I will keep a list of inquires and inform you if it is still available!!!


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