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History, Background and Links


On this page I'll discuss the history of my collectibles and how I got involved in collecting.


In this area, I'll talk about the history of my collectibles. Most of the items listed on my pages are from my personel collection. I try to stick mainly to military arms of the past but every now and then you will see a non-military arm listed.


My Background

I started collecting back in the early 1980's after being introduced into the hobby by my late best friend "Mike".  He got me hooked big time and we had many, many good times together collecting firearms from around the world.  I always had a love of firearms and their history from when I was a little kid.  The first gun I shot was with my dad behind the house, it was a Stevens 14 1/2 Little Scout.  From the first deer I shot with the old .35 Remington Model 8 to the clay birds I "try" to break with my Beretta, guns have become a part of me.  I hope you enjoy these pages and I hope I am able to keep this web site longer than my old web site at www.yooperjohn.homestead.com  which is no longer available.   Enjoy--

Contacts and Links

Send an e-mail and tell me how you first became a collector or the story of your best find.

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email me

NEW Site www.yooperj.com

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