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GE5:  Germany M1996 Mauser .30-06 5 shot straight pull bolt action.  BRAND NEW Commerical rifle made in Germany by the famous Mauser-Werke Company in Orbendorf, Germany.  Never fired, still in original box with all paperwork and scope mounts.  Beautiful Walnut stock.  Top quality European rifle.  


SIA2:  Siam M1903/23 rifle, 8x52R.  Bolt action five shot, straight bolt, 98 Mauser action.  Appears to be all matching non-import marked long rifle that is missing the cleaning rod.  No etched numbers. Has the Siamese crest and writing. Metal and wood is very nice. Has action cover. Bore bright and shiney but appears to have one rough spot in rifling, no dents or bulges or cracks,  just looks a little different. Very hard to find Siamese Mausers in an unaltered condition.